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[Comments] (6) The Biennial Question: I need new computer stuff (specifically, hard drives and maybe a CPU). Where do I go, loyal readers?


Posted by Brendan at Fri Apr 01 2005 15:04

Newegg, if you know what you want already. I bought almost all the pieces of my current box there (except the CPU, actually, because they were sold out of what I wanted). Their standard prices aren't much different than what you'd get at a standard retail outlet, but a) they ship cheap and b) their OEM stuff is a steal, and they have tons of it.

I can also vouch for their decent and relatively quick handling on returns, although the restocking fee was annoying.

Posted by Adam Vandenberg at Fri Apr 01 2005 15:10

I'm turning into a Newegg fan as well. Mostly good prices, with plenty of great prices thrown in, and I haven't had any problems ordering from them.

Posted by Ian Bicking at Fri Apr 01 2005 15:43

I bought a system from these guys a little while ago: http://www.mgepconline.com -- they assembled it and it works just fine, and I could order it exactly as I wanted it so that it didn't include parts I already had. I also got an OEM ethernet card for another computer which was crappy and unsupported; that was disappointing, but the system was great.

Posted by Adam P. at Fri Apr 01 2005 16:59


(april fools!)

Posted by Nathaniel at Sat Apr 02 2005 02:21

I've had good experiences with
Maybe a little out of your way, but it's a little mom-and-pop store in Oakland that knows very well that it's a little mom-and-pop store in a big scary industry, and that they need to inspire fanatical customer loyalty to survive. Or maybe they're just like that, I dunno. Anyway, they give good advice (I've never had newegg tell me "no, don't buy that, it's not worth it for the price"), and absolutely extraordinary service -- my mom got a CD drive there, and took her computer down for them to install it. They put it down on the bench, turned it on, and the magic smoke decided to come out. (Power supply blew out, fried all the electronics.) Obviously not their fault, they hadn't touched it yet, everyone knew that... they insisted on taking the computer, spent a week fiddling with it, eventually reported that they though a frankenstein's monster of a related hard drive's electronics and my mom's hard drive platters didn't quite work, they thought if they had the _same_ model hard drive, it would... we bought one on ebay... and they recovered all the data.

Then they _refused_ to accept any payment for this...

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