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[Comments] (2) : The best thing about Arrested Development (apart from the total interconnectedness of everything in the fictional world, without which the jokes wouldn't be funny) is that the Ron Howard narrator is a real character in the show. Kevin even says the narrator is the protagonist. Anyway, last night's episode verified my suspicion that, like all the other characters, the narrator is a petty soul consumed with his own minor obsessions.

Near the beginning he took a potshot at the narrator of some other fictional show, and then kept sniping at that other narrator throughout the episode. I couldn't get enough of this, as narrator-on-narrator bickering is one of the purest forms of fourth-wall-breaking comedy gold in my book, second only to narrator-on-character bickering.

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Posted by Brendan at Mon Apr 11 2005 22:50

Two of the finest Arrested Development Narrator moments:

Jessie (to George Michael): Daddy lost his shot at happy and it's all your fault, Opie.
Narrator: Jessie had gone too far, and had best watch her mouth.

Gob: Believe me, we didn't do any sleeping. I had sex last night.
Narrator: But he really didn't.
Gob: Yes I did.

Posted by Aaron Swartz at Sat Apr 16 2005 23:33

I always liked:

Lucille: Oh, Gene! Oh, Gene! Isn’t he the best?!

Narrator: Gene was far from the best.

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