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[Comments] (7) Cute Baby Wholphin Of Shame: Whale-dolphin hybrid has baby wholphin. This is not surprising as, you'll remember, there are no whales involved here, only dolphins under false names.

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Posted by Susie at Fri Apr 15 2005 10:33

"Park researchers suspect the wholphin's father is a 15-foot long Atlantic bottlenose dolphin named Mikioi."

"Atlantic bottlenose dolphins reach a maximum size of 12 feet and can weigh up to 700 pounds."

What the...?

Posted by Factitious at Fri Apr 15 2005 22:33

The key there is the difference between size and length.

Posted by Brendan at Fri Apr 15 2005 22:43

So I guess some dolphins can be like 12 feet tall?

Posted by Rachel at Sat Apr 16 2005 12:36

There's no picture.... how do you know it's cute?

Posted by Leonard at Sat Apr 16 2005 12:41

Such things are always cute.

Posted by Susie at Sat Apr 16 2005 23:28

I did a google search. Luckily, the thing took more after the 3/4 bottlenose, because those false killer whales are NOT very cute. Sorry, boys.

Posted by Jordan at Mon Apr 18 2005 14:10

actually, all dolphins *are* whales according to their taxonomy.

Cetacea are made up of two suborders: Mysteceti (baleen whales) and Odontoceti (toothed whales).. the family Delphinidae falls under Odontoceti.

but yeah, calling it a hybrid of a whale and a dolphin is absurd. :)

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