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[Comments] (2) Self-Promotion: Sometimes we have people over for dinner and then Sumana wants me to play the gee-tar for entertainment. Recently we had Riana over and Riana was surprised that I play music. Clearly I am not that good at self-promotion if people I've known for years don't know I play music, even though there's a music link right there on my home page. I blame all the other stuff I have to do that has kept me from finishing my new album and achieving the musical superstardom I obviously deserve.

At the opposite end of the self-promotion spectrum, Riana also thought Jake Berendes is someone I'd made up. That's a common misconception, but a misconception nonetheless. Jake is doing installation art pieces on the other side of the country. How could I fake that? I can't even sew. I think I sewed a little stuffed-animal-size pillow once, but it split apart.

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Posted by Susie at Thu Apr 21 2005 18:50

People are surprised sometimes when they find out that I play the piano. I thought EVERYONE in Provo played the piano. I don't play in Relief Society anymore, so now no one will ever know.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Apr 21 2005 20:16

People are always surprised when they find out that I....

No... I don't think I have any secret hidden talents with which to surprise people.

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