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[Comments] (6) : Back from Utah after a long train ride. There was a guy who did color commentary over the PA during our sojourn in the Sierra Nevada, and he talked about the Donner Party for five minutes without ever mentioning cannibalism, discussing every other aspect of the Donner Party in so much detail as to make me think that the cannibalism part was an urban legend (which it wasn't, and if it was you think he'd have mentioned that interesting fact). But it got me thinking along the same lines as many of my previous thoughts: why shouldn't I create and sell soy-based human flesh for ethical cannibals and the curious? I could call it either "Soyman" or Soy-lent Green".

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Posted by Brian Danger Hicks at Mon Apr 25 2005 01:56

This reminds me of the Disney Donner Party movie, in which the entire cannibalism content was one off-hand remark.

Posted by pedro at Mon Apr 25 2005 08:39

It should be called SoyGreen, and then during the 40 days leading up to Easter you can sell an Aqauman flesh themed product called SoyGreen Lent!

Posted by Susie at Mon Apr 25 2005 10:23

You couldn't use focus groups to get the taste and texture right.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Apr 25 2005 10:41

That's the beauty of it! No one could say "this tastes nothing like human flesh!" for fear of censure! It avoids the problem that dooms all other meat substitutes!

Posted by Doug L. at Mon Apr 25 2005 18:47

Little-known fact about the trail over Donner Pass: There was a party of pioneers who crossed Donner Pass a couple years earlier, started with 50 people and ended with 52, successfully reached Sacramento and the Bay Area, and mostly went on to successful lives in California. But no one's ever heard of them, because they didn't end up having to eat their dead. People sure are weird. See http://thecaliforniatrail.com/ for the video, "Forgotten Journey: the Stevens-Townsend-Murphy Party". And I'm not just suggesting this because my Mom's in the movie.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Apr 25 2005 19:05

The contrapositive (or something) of that: the color commentary guy was talking about how the Donner Party became the best-known failed expedition, and I was thinking: "Yes, that's because of the cannibalism you're not mentioning! Lots of other people died, but they didn't eat each other, so we don't think of them!"

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