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[Comments] (2) BIDDLE NOWADAYS!: Someone's selling a laptop on eBay. Among the "REAL SCREEN SHOTS TAKEN FROM ACTUAL THE COMPUTER YOU WILL BE GETTING!!!!!!!" is the CNN screenshot from the Eater of Meaning (scroll down to "GO ONLINE TO THE INTERNET"). Plus things that aren't even screenshots, just the result of Google Image searches.

Ordinarily I 403 people trying to use Crummy images to spice up their eBay auctions, but I'll make an exception in this case. I guess if you bought this computer, the whole Internet would look eaten to you.

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Posted by Tomble at Tue Apr 26 2005 00:27

Oh my....
As I realised some years ago that the whole idea of eBay seemed to be about as safe as buying someone from some bloke down the pub, I don't really look at eBay sales very often. Are they usually so...
My brain hurts. I rather liked "Defend against viruses", and the example of a DVD cover for those who can't imagine one...

But I got a good laugh from the Eater Of Meaning screenshot, I must admit I'd not actually looked at it before :D Had a go myself at last, a chewy bit of fun :)

/plays some more

Posted by pedro at Tue Apr 26 2005 10:00

Best. eBay. Evar.

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