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[Comments] (2) Subway: I was planning to write a series of articles on Subway, but a cursory run-through shows that such a series of articles would probably spend most of its time guiding people through small problems in Subway, and my time would be better spent organizing fixes for those problems instead of enshrining them in print. In other words it's not mature enough yet to be the subject of technical articles. So I may go back to my original idea of just writing individual articles on Cheetah and SQLObject, as I'd planned before I realized "hey, these things are all used in Subway". What do you think? Am I selling Subway short?

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Posted by Ian Bicking at Sun May 01 2005 06:09

Well, at this point I think there's a very good chance Subway will become built on Paste, which will change things around all over the place. Which would make an article defunct rather quickly. So I don't think an article right now would be a good idea. Unless maybe you wrote an article, used that to determine all the problems you had, gave feedback and suggested fixes, wait for those to be incorporated, then revise the article and submit it later. Which actually isn't unreasonable, and would probably be very helpful, but obviously will take some time. (Probably less time if you explain your motivations)

Posted by Leonard at Sun May 01 2005 14:42

Ah, Ian, I was hoping to hear from you. Also hoping you'd say that Subway would become built on Paste. Are you hoping to package Subway with ZPT instead of Cheetah?

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