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[Comments] (4) Restaurant Review: Watercress on Valencia. A little pricey: $20 for three-course menu. They do one flavor really well: an earthy butteriness that was detected in beets, candied nuts, mushrooms, and chicken. Maybe it was just butter, but how do you get butter into a cube of beet?

Big problems setting portion expectations. We got salads and they were tiny (and tasty). Then the entrees were enormous (and tasty, though a little salty). We held off on the entrees so we'd have room for dessert, and then the desserts were tiny (and not good).

Oh, I need to review the really good place we went to in Provo. Later.

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Posted by Frances at Fri May 06 2005 21:57

I think that beets have that earthy, sweet flavor automatically if they are not too mature.

I bought watercress seeds today. Going to plant them where the sprinklers flood.

Posted by camille at Mon May 09 2005 10:51

wow, i sure do miss eating in california! $20 is pricey??

Posted by Kristen at Mon May 09 2005 15:12

Where'dya go?

Posted by Leonard at Mon May 09 2005 15:41

Thaifoon. Actually in SLC.

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