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[Comments] (2) Potato Blue Cheese Soup: I was going to make a potato-leek soup similar to Ultimate Chowdah, but the cream in the fridge had gone bad. So I came up with the idea of using blue cheese to thicken the soup instead of cream. It was definitely one of my better ideas.

Melt butter in soup pan. Add aromatics and salt, and sweat. Add broth, potatoes, corn, and herbs. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for 25 minutes. Get out the stick blender and blend it. Stir in the blue cheese. Add pepper to taste. Yum.

For the record, the aromatics I used were one onion, part of a leek, and two stalks of baby garlic. Yes, it's Clean Out The Fridge Daze here at Leonard's house.

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Posted by Brendan at Mon May 09 2005 09:47

One hopes the blue cheese was not a direct descendant of the bad cream. (This sounds delicious!)

Posted by Sumana at Mon May 09 2005 12:43

It was SO GOOD.

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