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[Comments] (4) : What's a webpage you've always wished had an RSS feed? I need a demo site for the RSS feed builder. I've already done two, but one is for the O'Reilly book and the other (new books from Dover) requires some fancy scraping that makes it too complicated to be an example.


Posted by Sumana at Mon May 09 2005 12:44

The NBC.com The West Wing page.

Posted by Ian Bicking at Mon May 09 2005 23:45

It's not "a" site, since I'm too lazy to make this singular. But there's lots of comment areas that don't have feeds for individual comments.

Posted by Joe Grossberg at Tue May 10 2005 15:34


Totally not safe for work, though.

Posted by Sumana at Mon May 16 2005 15:26



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