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[Comments] (5) : Yesterdate, the 8th of May, I installed seeds in my garden. Sunflowers, watermelons, corn, and "garden beans" (As opposed to beans that grow in the rec room? They look like green beans so I planted them.). I mention this so that I'll have a record of when I planted these things. I don't remember when I planted the potatoes, so I don't know when to reap the harvest. I don't even know how potato plants work. I guess I'll find out when I dig one up.

Still to plant: canteloupe, pumpkin. Already planted: potatoes, rhubarb, garlic.

My mother says there's no way to know what to grow: you just have to plant things and see if they die or not. Nothing grew when I planted last year, but I planted way too late and also the soil in my backyard was all dead. Not even weeds were growing there. I don't have that problem anymore!

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Posted by Kristen at Mon May 09 2005 15:07

I wish I had a garden, sounds like fun.

Posted by camille at Mon May 09 2005 17:11

Squash and cucumbers grew like crazy for me last year, and required very little care, but that might only be the case in my zone, but i think you've probably got a good chance there.

Posted by Leonard at Mon May 09 2005 17:15

It's like a roll of the dice. C'mon, squash-like things!

Posted by anonymous at Tue May 10 2005 14:06

I don't think that the phrase is "installed", but that's kind of funny. Be sure to give your beans plenty of room, they grow like crazy.

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