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[Comments] (2) : Beets. Pumpkins (smallish ones you can eat, not the big ones just make big doorstops that connote "autumn!"). Canteloupe. That's all the seeds I got.

Check out this thing that finds paths between Wikipedia entries. I love this kind of thing, and this is the most impressive one I've seen. It's as fast as Downhill even though it's probably got an order of magnitude more data to match up.

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Posted by Claudia at Fri May 13 2005 12:47

Ashlee Simpson to Charles Darwin, through Madonna--that's a pretty short path!

Posted by David Matkin at Sun May 15 2005 00:27

I got a bunch of dead ends trying to get to Strange Brew. Love...nope. Bayesian...nope. Kids...had to go through several contortions including Robin Williams and James Bond.

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