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[Comments] (2) : I came up with the perfect name for my restaurant: "Overkill". It signifies everything I want in a restaurant. I don't think I actually want to have a restaurant, though. Too much work, not enough payoff.

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Posted by uncle pedro at Sun May 15 2005 18:18

I don't even know if you guys are vegetarians, or not, but a restaurant named Overkill would either have to be vegan, or maybe whatever it's called when you only eat fallen fruit, or it would have to be all meat-based. I don't think there's a middle ground with a restaurant name like Overkill.

Posted by Nik at Tue May 17 2005 05:57

I think you're mistaking having a restaurant for /working in/ a restaurant. Once you've hired the requisitie underlings (chefs, dishwashers, waiters, barpersons, door staff, table manager, accountant) the actual owning surely becomes more of an issue of what to eat, which wines go well with it and who to fire in the name of productivity. TV chefs try and make it look hard work because, well, the market is already dilute enough, isn't it?

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