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[Comments] (3) Things That Are Fun: Writing stuff to fulfil various obligations. It's kind of slow going. My creativity seems to be exhausted for the moment. Thus, this spectacularly dull entry. Anyway, here's a cool picture of a mola mola, and Kris is going to start doing another comic soon.


Posted by Kristofer Straub at Mon May 16 2005 23:38

It's not Adam's Pickoveresque hero; his I felt was a lot better than mine.

His is here:

And mine, since removed from my index, is here:

Posted by Leonard at Wed May 18 2005 15:42

You should have ripped off Adam's instead of going with yours, then. I thought your two were pretty similar, actually.

Posted by Kristofer Straub at Thu May 19 2005 04:22

Maybe I will have them duke it out to see exactly whose is better!

I think I just liked Adam's reference to the girl's father at the end, "who at this moment is being chased from all establishments of good repute." The phrase stayed with me since I first read it.

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