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[Comments] (3) What People Did Before The Internet: Went crazy in Antarctica.


Posted by Riana at Fri May 27 2005 03:48

They still do.

Posted by Leonard at Fri May 27 2005 11:05

But is it language-divergence crazy and film-splicing crazy? I think I would have seen that on Boingboing if it still happened.

Posted by Riana at Fri May 27 2005 13:42

Well, latter-day craziness is rarely as interesting as this:

"The Soviets, who maintain seven scientific stations here, have already applied one lesson: According to NASA psychologists, cosmonauts have been forbidden to play chess in space ever since a Russian in the Antarctic murdered a colleague with an ax after losing a chess game."

That is the single most Russian thing I have ever heard of.

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