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[Comments] (2) Kinds of Sauce: As Kris' and my generic Tom Waits parody goes, "Life just keeps suckin'." However, I have discovered that hot fudge sauce is better if you make it with coconut milk instead of condensed milk. Also, I made a strawberry coulis and it didn't turn out great. Not bad for a first try though.

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Posted by Mark at Fri Jun 03 2005 01:21

How did you make the coulis? I have a recipe* for a really good raspberry one made by simmering a lump of frozen raspberries in sugar water for a few minutes, then blending and straining. The recipe says that trick works with other frozen berries, including straw. Dead easy, too.

FTR: 1.5c chunk of berries, 1/2c sugar, 1/2c water, 1t lemon juice. combine, boil, simmer 5, puree, strain, serve cool.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Jun 03 2005 23:35

I don't remember but it did involve a food processor, and a strainer, and lemon extract. Specifically I don't remember if I cooked it.

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