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[Comments] (7) : I tried making marshmallows with agar agar and it was a disaster. What went wrong? I tried again with gelatin and that too was a disaster, but not in an unsuccessful-marshmallows way; more like a third of the marshmallow mixture stuck to things like my hands and the kitchen, and wouldn't go into the pan.

Perhaps if I made marshmallows using John Agar as the thickening agent. Yes, that would surely work.

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Posted by Pthag at Fri Jun 10 2005 13:25

Did you consider a half-and-half (or any other proportion your superior cookery-enhanced mind would favour) mix of agar and gelatin?

Posted by Leonard at Fri Jun 10 2005 13:28

No, that might work but I wanted to make vegan marshmallows, and for that I can't use any gelatin at all.

The other thing I didn't try that might work is to heat the agar agar to bloom it instead of just dumping it in the water.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jun 10 2005 16:52

OR you could BUY marshamallows- 99cents a bag! Except they're not vegan.

Posted by Seth Schoen at Fri Jun 10 2005 18:17

Thank you for your efforts to make vegan marshmallows. I have been buying Vegan Supreme Marshmallows at Otsu and Rainbow Grocery. As someone who enjoyed marshmallows very much 20 years ago, I'm excited that the Vegan Supreme marshmallows taste exactly like gelatin marshmallows. They are somewhat less puffy, but they toast well. If I remember correctly, I once toasted some of them with you. I continue to toast them, and they continue to taste good.

Vegan Supreme's ingredient list is: Sugar (non-bone char refined), water, light corn syrup, carageenan, locust bean gum, malto-dextrin, vanilla extract, corn starch, sea salt.

Posted by Seth Schoen at Fri Jun 10 2005 18:28

All this talking about sugar has made me ... um, curious about the effect of sugar subsidies on our health.

Posted by Kevan at Mon Jun 13 2005 05:13

Is agar agar your comedy alien sidekick?

Posted by Leonard at Mon Jun 13 2005 18:03

"Agar-Agar Binks, you've ruined another pan of marshmallows!" "Sooo-rry."

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