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Fraud of the Century: Not, as would be cooler, "Frog of the Century". Today I went with Sumana and Riana to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. There were awesome jellies and a sea turtle and huge sharks and huge tuna and penguins and bat rays that you could touch (they feel so soft!), but the real reason we went was to see the awesome mola mola (mola mola), king of the open seas. And indeed there was a big tank containing lots of fish and surrounded by drawings of the mola. But there were no molas in the tank! The gift shop had postcards of that tank which distinctly showed two molas, so the molas must have died or gone on vacation and been removed from the exhibit. I bought a poster of the postcard but that was as close as I got to a mola today. Big disappointment.

We did see a guy who works at the aquarium and was a college friend of Pete Peterson II, and the jellies were incredible. They were illuminated from within the tanks, and in one of the tanks you could push a button to turn off the light and see the jellies become nearly invisible.

Coming soon: sea creature nomenclature prescriptivism: exposed!

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