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[Comments] (3) Party Food: I am having a multipurpose party on Sunday which is partially a birthday party. I'm going to start making food for it so I don't have to make it all on Sunday, and I want to know what you think I should make. I am going to make a whole bunch of pretzels and have various pretzel-dipping substances around, but I want to make other, more substantial stuff too. What?


Posted by Frances at Wed Jun 29 2005 19:29

Little sandwiches. I made some open faced smoked salmon on rye with cream cheese, dill, and cucumber that were a real hit during placement exam reading. You don't like salmon, but you might try roast beef with creamy horseradish sauce and thinly sliced cucumber. Or watercress. Or cucumber, cream cheese, and watercress on white bread. Or chicken salad on mini croissants. Fancy people cut little rounds out of the bread with a biscuit cutter, but I just cut the sandwiches in halves or quarters. They get eaten just the same.

Posted by John at Thu Jun 30 2005 14:36

If you really want to continue the pretzel motif, do pretzel jello.

I think the yummiest appetizer ever is that spinach artichoke dip with bread squares to put it on.

Posted by Riana at Sat Jul 02 2005 02:39

I find that among appetizers served at parties, there is often a dearth of fresh fruit and vegetables. I'd love to see a platter of seasonal fruit and veggies, which would be good enough on their own not to need dip, but you could probably do dip also if you were so inclined.

I concur with the above suggestions as well, although vegan jello would be more Sumana-friendly sans pretzels.

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