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[Comments] (4) : The party was a success! I'm tired. According to Seth, Aaron Swipe Swartz has picked up a lively interest in Jake Berendes, so I lent Seth my audiotape copy of Jake's "lost" (ie. not purchasable or downloadable online[0]) album, robot moped dehumidifier, the idea being that Seth can make a copy of it and send it to Aaron. I really wish it were available online; just about every song on that album is great.

Manoj showed up! I'm pretty excited about this. Manoj was on the east coast for a while but he came back here to work for Google. I'm glad because Manoj is the model for a character in a story I'm writing and I want to keep him under close observation.

PS: Kevin, your cheese and cracker arrangement was a big hit. Thanks for helping me set up!

[0] Except for Jake's cover and semi-cover of Chickadee and Check Yourself (For Ticks)), which I have cunningly mirrored to boost my own ego.


Posted by Susie at Mon Jul 04 2005 11:29

Wish we could have come to your party. Thanks for calling to welcome us! It was great to hear from you. Sorry we couldn't talk more, but we still appreciated the thought!

Posted by jaacob at Tue Jul 05 2005 02:07

ok, i'm mp3ing a goodly chunk of the old sample stuff, and i'm sending you a copy of the new cd so don't buy it!

Posted by Leonard at Tue Jul 05 2005 02:12

I already bought it! But I'll take another copy. I can give it to someone else.

Posted by Manoj at Tue Jul 05 2005 02:45

I will do my best to be more interesting for you, but you might need to manage your observations to avoid conflicting with Kevin while he works on his book.

The party was great, nice seeing y'all again.

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