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[Comments] (4) Waffle Iron Panini: Riana came over and I made tomato soup for lunch. I planned to make grilled cheese sandwiches too. Sumana suggested the idea of grilling the sandwiches in the waffle iron. It worked out really well. Some waffle irons let you switch out the places for a special panini plate, but why bother? It works just as well with a regular waffle iron and it looks a lot more interesting.

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Posted by frances at Sun Jul 24 2005 18:30

I've been making grilled cheese sandwiches on the George Foreman grill. Works great, takes only minutes.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jul 25 2005 10:19

It's like buying a sandwich maker. I loved having one, but so much space when you can use a waffle iron (and you can't make waffles in much else). I will try this. Except I don't have the orzo to put in the tomato soup I'd make with it.

Posted by Frances at Mon Jul 25 2005 12:03

I'm going to sell my sandwich maker at the next garage sale.

Posted by Tim May at Tue Jul 26 2005 19:18

Every time I see the word panini, I think of the Sanskrit grammarian.

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