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[Comments] (2) Things To Do In Alberta When You're Not Dead: We have an extra day in our dinosaur hunt trip. We are going to go to the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, and the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, and the Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump of previous NYCB fame, and the Glacier National park. What else should we do in that general area (we can't really go camping)? Should we stay at one of those Olde Tyme Cowboy Lodges and eat chuckwagon food?


Posted by Waldemar at Tue Jul 26 2005 20:46

Visit Frank Slide disaster site


Posted by Alyson at Wed Jul 27 2005 00:43

Frank Slide is a fascinating place, I agree. There is another place near Milk River, the Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park. And have you not considered buying a pair of Spock ears in Vulcan, Alberta? That is just about an hour out of Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. Then, of course, there are numerous things to see in Calgary. Will you want to spend any time there?

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