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[Comments] (2) Perfect Gift: for Seth or Riana: Blackbeard and Other Notorious Pirates Coloring Book. "Exciting illustrations depict the daring deeds of five swashbuckling renegades and their cohorts, notorious for victimizing the high seas and harbor towns of the late-seventeenth and early-eighteenth centuries."


Posted by Riana at Tue Jul 26 2005 21:51

Nothing will out-cool my Children's Pop-Up Picture Book of Beowulf That Uses a Public Domain Translation, once I actually get around to it, having hatched the idea approx. 3.5 years ago.

But that is a pretty darn cool coloring book. I note stickers and tattoos are also available. "Ghost pirates! Or is that pirate ghosts?"

Posted by Kevan at Thu Jul 28 2005 04:19

[Outcooling] This may run a close third.

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