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[Comments] (3) : My second developerWorks article, on the Cheetah templating language, is now published. What's more, I'm actually getting paid for these articles! (Once I set up direct deposit with my agent.) This is an intriguing development because I still haven't seen one cent of my advance for the book, or even the paltry sum I've earned so far in Amazon referral commissions.

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Tue Aug 09 2005 20:29

Even better, I was actually in the market for an XML templating system to use with python and actually thought "I wonder what Leonard Richardson would use."

I kid you not. I'm trying to auto-generate playing cards from an SVG template, and figured that you'd have the most elegant template magic for such a problem. What luck!

Posted by Brendan at Wed Aug 10 2005 11:19

Nick, that sounds suspiciously like an Iron Game Chef project.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Aug 17 2005 01:18

Yes. It's based on Squinky's Johnny Builds Bugs in his Basement stuff. I never finished my Hobo game, but I was "SupaZubon" when I was in the running.

I have a system I'm working on now, but... shhhh!

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