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[Comments] (4) : One interesting feature of this list of recipes is that they have you sauteing things in vegetable broth instead of oil or fat. Does that work? If so, how do you use up vegetable broth a tablespoon at a time without it going bad? Freeze it into ice cubes?

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Posted by Frances at Tue Aug 09 2005 21:40

It works fine. You can also use chicken broth. Of course, you don't get that nice buttery taste, but you save calories.

And yes, freeze the broth in ice cubes. It's handy dandy that way.

Posted by Zack at Wed Aug 10 2005 02:43

There's definitely some things where the extra temperature matters. Eggs, for instance, cook completely differently at 100C than at 150 or 200C.

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 10 2005 10:10

You're supposed to freeze the extra broth from a recipe that calls for 1 c. into ice cubes so you don't waste it.

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