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[Comments] (4) The Five Obstructions: I'd never heard of this movie or the other one but Sumana rented it and it was pretty good. A filmmaker holds his idol captive and compels him to do remakes of his 1967 film The Perfect Human, subject to arbitrary and ridiculous restrictions. It's got a real Bond villain feel to it in parts.

Most of the remakes are good (esp. the first one, which has the most arbitrary restrictions) but like all remakes not as good as the original, which is an extra on the DVD and is really amazing. You know who would really enjoy The Perfect Human is Kris. Kris, check it out and see if I lie.


Posted by Decklin Foster at Thu Aug 25 2005 02:24

Ahh. One of my favorites. I have nothing to add, just: Yes. What you said.

Posted by Aaron Swartz at Thu Aug 25 2005 09:42

I really enjoyed The Five Obstructions but I guess I didn't understand The Perfect Human because it just totally bored me.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Aug 25 2005 12:36

It's great because it's a nature documentary on humans made by aliens.

Posted by Aaron Swartz at Fri Aug 26 2005 10:01

Oh. That does make it a lot more interesting. I can't believe I missed that.

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