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[Comments] (6) Market Research: If I were to write even more about food than I already do, what kind of stuff would y'all be interested in?

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Posted by anonymous at Sun Sep 04 2005 14:04

To be cliche: Whatever you know...

Posted by Leonard at Mon Sep 05 2005 02:40

Well, I'm the kind of guy who likes learning new things so as to be able to write about them. What should I learn?

Posted by Factitious at Mon Sep 05 2005 04:09

I'm interested in pretty much any type of food writing you do, but if you really want to be directed by strangers' comments: recipes for room-temperature cooking involving surprising combinations of ingredients.

Posted by Kevan at Mon Sep 05 2005 05:35

This sounds a bit arbitrary, but I always enjoy the posts about making food with dramatically substituted ingredients. Perhaps anything that breaks apart the rules and structure of cooking and shows that the structure isn't what it's sometimes perceived as, and that it can still work. (I've only recently stopped thinking of cookery as the compilation of recipe source code - expecting food to be an inedible, inert, black lump of Syntax Error if I get something slightly wrong.)

Posted by Brendan at Tue Sep 06 2005 11:14

I'd like more recipe-stories, like panic pasta (I think the recipe-story is a unique form of constrained writing).

Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 07 2005 18:45

I like your recipe stories too.

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