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I think there needs to be a B-movie with that title. Do they even make B-movies anymore? It doesn't seem like it. The movie business has gotten too complicated and unmaneuverable, just like everything else.

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Posted by Josh Barratt at Tue Sep 06 2005 14:53

B-movies are alive and (sort of) well. It's basically just the direct-to-DVD market now, low budget schlock horror or scifi. Lots of sequels to films that were originally theatrical, like "Dracula IV" or "The Crow: Wicked Prayer". Classics all.

Posted by Leonard at Tue Sep 06 2005 15:12

Aha! That makes perfect sense.

Posted by Ian Bicking at Tue Sep 06 2005 15:50

Isn't every SciFi Channel Original a B-movie?

Posted by Leonard at Tue Sep 06 2005 15:59

From a functional standpoint, probably. I would say that the Sci-Fi Channel and Troma make really cheap schlocky movies, not B-movies per se. That's because to me the defining feature of a B-movie was that they were made by the same studios that made the big movies. That's a business distinction, one I think is important but probably nobody else does and I can't articulate quite why I think it matters.

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