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[Comments] (8) Hey Rachel: This sounds like an easy way you could make some good money, if you can get used to fleecing the gullible without feeling guilty, (not, in my experience, a strength of the Richardson/Whitney bloodline, but associated more in my mind with the trickster Calls). It monetizes the skills I said during Christmas you should monetize, but is a whole lot higher margin than making collage crafts. Link via Accordion Guy.

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Posted by Frances at Mon Jan 10 2005 14:45

Jill Whitney does this. I don't think she charges that big of bucks though.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jan 10 2005 15:23

John's sister's business used to do this, but I don't think they do anymore. Now they mostly make kits of stuff, and you can subscribe to get two kits a month.

Posted by Leonard at Mon Jan 10 2005 15:25

Well, I guess this is old news to everyone but me.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Jan 10 2005 18:47

I think the problem with scrapbooking is the same problem with collage crafts: I can't find anyone willing to pay me enough to make it worth my while to do for strangers. It's enough just to do it for gifts, etc, and a lot easier as I know the peop;e for whom I am making. (And no, this is NOT a volunteering to do scrapbooks for people for birthdays or christmas.) Wherever these rich, stupid people are... I certainly don't know any.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jan 11 2005 15:36

Jill charges $2 a page last time I checked and lately I have been seriously thinking about having her do my wedding photos and some for lily. Susie- where can I find out more about the page kits? There is a scrapbook club once a month amongst the ladies in my stake there, and my mom and I are going to go once I move.

Posted by John at Tue Jan 11 2005 17:18

My sister's website is www.heritagecreations4you.com. I'm not sure if it shows on there what the upcoming kits are going to be or not, but Susie and I have helped make them before!

Posted by John at Tue Jan 11 2005 17:19

Actually, $2 a page is really cheap. Does that include materials? It couldn't possibly. She is discounting her time and creativity, I believe. She could easily charge between 5-10; and a lot more than that if she weren't in Utah.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jan 11 2005 17:38

She could charge way more for sure. It is by the page but you have to pay for the materials. She does it b/c she likes it so much and also b/c she is so fast at it. I would pay $5/page but anything more than that I couldn't justify, so I would just do it myself. I am not as creative as Jill though. That is why a kit would be perfect for me.


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