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Get Up, Stand Up, Come On, Put Game Roundup: First, some updates from Game Roundups past. I played xdeathlord some more and it's not me, it's it. It's not nearly as good a game as xevil. It's just plain hard to play. So blah. Second, since its last mention two years ago Iter Vehemens ad Necum has in true roguelike fashion gotten bigger and in true IVAN fashion gotten weirder (and gorier), becoming simultaneously less and more frustrating. It remains in my opinion the most bizarre roguelike, the Yapok Sundria of roguelikes, if you will.

And now, new games. I'm very excited about this roundup; most of the games here are really good. They're also for the most part pretty violent, which may or may not be a plus in your book. One of them isn't as violent as it needs to be, which won't satisfy anyone.

Closed source games are not eligible for the Palm d'Rassemblement De Jeu (Des Jeux?), so Gate 88 is disqualified and the winner of this roundup is Apricots, the chaotic death-from-above game with the classic Amiga lines. Runners-up: Marauder and Atris. The traditional limerick prize celebrates the many non-enemy-initiated modes of death in Apricots:

When Pilot Mike tired of slaughter
Right into a fir tree he'd auger
It felt like a balm
To smash into a palm
And bliss to crash-land in the water


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