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[Comments] (5) On Retainer(s): My top retainer mold has a negative cast of my palate that looks a lot like a Klingon's forehead. I've been carrying a Klingon forehead in my mouth all my life without knowing it. Now I wonder if the Trek actors who play Klingons are acting with big molds of their palates or someone's palates on their foreheads. Probably not practical.

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Posted by Susie at Thu Jan 20 2005 18:12

My dentist told me that the bump on the roof of my mouth is not normal, although it won't pose a problem unless I need dentures. I wonder what a cast of my palate looks like. I didn't know people weren't supposed to have bumps there.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Jan 20 2005 18:23

I see Klingon-like bumps in this picture, which is allegedly of a normal palate. Do you have one big bump?

Posted by frances at Thu Jan 20 2005 20:09

i feel a bump

Posted by Susie at Thu Jan 20 2005 21:37

one big bump just before my soft palate.


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