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[Comments] (3) Blasts From The Past: Some folks set up a Java NES emulator on their site and will let you play all the old-school NES games in an applet, as well as the games of lesser contemporaneous systems. It's like they're the coolest kid in school, though their coolness is of a peculiar completionist kind not generally found among middle school students.

Speaking of maxima of cool: I really hate comic books, but there's going to be a Buckaroo Banzai comic book series which I think I pretty much have to get. Yup, there's no way around plunking down my cash for the next item in that franchise. Nothing gonna swoop down from the sky and save me from this predicament. What's taking them so long?

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Posted by Susie at Sat Jan 22 2005 15:25

Two questions:

1. Are you going to mom's house over President's Day weekend?
2. What happened to susank?

Posted by Leonard at Sun Jan 23 2005 10:34

1. I wasn't planning on it. Do you want me to come?
2. I don't know. Her weblog isn't up anymore.

Posted by John at Mon Jan 24 2005 22:34

Of course we want you to come!


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