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[Comments] (6) Speaking of Granola: My AAA membership expired and they sent me this really obnoxious membership renewal package, so I got pissed off at them and joined the vaguely-named Better World Club instead. They wear their politics on their sleeve instead of being sneaky about it like AAA does.

So far it's working fine. The only things AAA has over BWC as far as I can tell are: with AAA you can be a map hog and get a billion maps and they have to suck it up; BWC limits you to ten per year. And because my AAA membership was grandfathered in from my mother, or mothered in, I guess, the membership card said I'd been a member for longer than I've actually been alive. But that comedy gold mine went bust when my membership lapsed, and I already have more maps than I know what to do with, so I recommend switching unless BWC's hippy attitude aggravates you as much as AAA's fake-personal direct mail and mandatory upsell magazine aggravates me.


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