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[Comments] (3) : The worst part about coming up with a kitchen utensil or other gadget to be sold through TV infomercials must surely be coming up with another, lower-margin gadget to give away as the "But wait! There's more!" freebie. You put all your genius into one super molded-plastic product but your ungrateful market demands some cheap auxilliary device for cracking eggs or something. It seems such an integral part of the sell that I envision Gilbert and Sullivan teams of product designers, one who excels at the big product and one who comes up with the perfect giveaway to accompany. Or a SourceXchange type market for matching big products with small, to form marketable sets. I think too much about this kind of thing, possibly because I can see myself as the guy who comes up with those half-brilliant, half-lame ideas for kitchen gadgets.


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