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[Comments] (4) : Back from SoCal. The wedding was great. We saw all of my immediate family as well. Two more days of work and then I'm a full-time writer!

I have a likely gig lined up at Broadband Mechanics after the book is done. But they keep getting business and they need more people now, especially Javascript ECMAScript DHTML AJAX hackers. If you're interested email Phillip.


Posted by xtian at Mon Oct 10 2005 06:35

Gah! Phillip lives on your webpage!

Posted by Leonard at Mon Oct 10 2005 08:06

Gah is right. I fixed it.

Posted by anonymous at Mon Oct 10 2005 09:42

That's ironic... all I can make out on that web page is something about how they're revolutionizing the web, are pro-standards-compliance, and then the formatting breaks up so that I can't actually see most of the text... (using Firefox 1.0.6)

Posted by pedro at Mon Oct 10 2005 18:10

Seems to be working ok with Firefox 1.0.7 on Ubuntu...

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