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[Comments] (3) : Today Kevin told me that the noble gases can be coerced into forming compounds, mainly with fluorine. When this was discovered (1960s), Kevin's father wrote a paper on the subject called "How the Noble have Fallen". Just recently the noble gases have been bound to uranium. Stay tuned for action as the noble gases form compounds with more and more other elements!


Posted by pedro at Wed Oct 12 2005 10:33

My 'homepage' link -- an embarassing blow to the Star Trek gods.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Oct 12 2005 10:39

See mine; it seems that, like all Trek diagrams, that periodic table is a big bunch of in-jokes.

Posted by pedro at Thu Oct 13 2005 09:45

Rad! I like Rhubarbium -- one of my favorite actual elements (it's great in pie)! I also like that "hawkeye" is next to "groucho" -- I've always felt that Alan Alda's B. F. "Hawkeye" Pierce was a great homage to Groucho Marx. Now it has been confirmed by a 23rd century periodic table! I feel vindicated.

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