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[Comments] (6) : Today I picked up Sumana's mother at the airport. We had a good time making lemon rice. She brought lots of ACK and other Indian comic books for Sumana, a tunic (!) for me, snacks for both of us.

Also today O'Reilly sent me a "new author" package with some books about writing and a T-shirt. Basically I think they are trying to make me feel like I'm a college freshman and they are my supportive parents. Every month they'll send me a box of cookies or something.


Posted by Jarno Virtanen at Wed Oct 19 2005 01:12

Or maybe they are trying to install a nagging voice in the back of your head in case you ever feel unmotivated to write? ;-)

Posted by Susie at Wed Oct 19 2005 10:20

Lemon rice? Do share. I made orange rice the other day for the elders.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Oct 19 2005 20:20

I'd like the recipe for lemon rice, too! And pictures of your tunic. How cool is that.

Posted by Aaron Swartz at Thu Oct 20 2005 11:33

What books?

Posted by Leonard at Thu Oct 20 2005 11:39

I assume you mean the books from O'Reilly rather than the books from Sumana's mother. I got Strunk and White, and an audio CD bundle of "On Writing Well" and "How to Write a Memoir". I never use writing books. I believe the best cure for bad writing is more writing.

Posted by Aaron Swartz at Thu Oct 20 2005 11:44

I agree. I never use audio CD writing books.

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