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[Comments] (1) : I stuck some AdSense ads on the NYCB archives and other Crummy pages that I run (as opposed to other peoples' weblogs). I did this 1) as an experiment to see how much money I would get by selling out, 2) because I don't have a real job right now, but mainly 3) because I've been freeloading off of Kevin's hosting services for long enough and it's time he got a cut of the action, which means I must drum up some action for him to get a cut of.

My ideal audience for these ads are the people who come into my site on really weird search requests that I can't help them with. Often times someone will do a search for, say, a game called Rat Poker with colorful rats that you color coordinate. For the median person who comes into my site on that search request, Crummy is a smorgasbord of disappointment. My scintillating discussion of mola molas and scripting languages are ashes in their mouth. Assuming I'd ever talked about games in which you color-coordinate rats (the plague has never been so stylish!) it would have been a computer hippy Linux game reviewed in a Game Roundup, or some crusty old DOS game in the Da Warren archives.

But there's a slightly larger chance that some programmer has recently written a Flash game that's all about picking the right rat to go with your jacket, and is advertising it through AdSense. The search request person should have just clicked on the AdSense ad for Barbie Rat Shop in the first place. But if the same ad shows up on my page and they click on it, I get money.

I have tried to make these ads unobtrusive by picking the most boring color scheme on offer, in keeping with the philosophy of design simplicity that drives all of our efforts here at crummy.com. Let me know if they bother you nonetheless. They sort of bother me, mainly because I've already had to tell Google not to use my site to push ads for the PublishAmerica vanity press, but also because there's sleazy impossible-to-block-all-of-it "give us your personal information and receive a tasty herring!" stuff. What kind of way is that to make a living? Whatever happened to making money the old fashioned way, by putting ads on your website and writing about random crap?

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Posted by jaacob at Thu Oct 20 2005 15:47

as soon as i get ten dollars i'm opening up a bank account, getting pay pal and doing adsense, for much these reasons (except not because i feel especially indebted to kevin). incidentally, the ads for this entry are: corporate training tools, "cheat" at blackjack, and free games downloads. in the off chance someone is looking for free games downloads and finds your site, they'll know exactly why they are being rerouted, and won't that be nice?

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