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Today's Found Story: From "Once Upon a Time", which, incidentally, is dedicated to Gouverneur Morris (!). I call it "The Folly of Fanfic".

"Then, how did you suppose your sister was going to read it?"

Schnitzel was smiling to himself

"Schnitzel, you certainly are a magnificent liar"

"I think," said Ainsley, "they have lost their way"

"Was it you," demanded young Andrews, in a puzzled tone, "or your brother who tried to knife me?"

Mr. Thorndike stood irresolute, and then sank back into his chair

"Do I look as easy as that, or are you just naturally foolish?"

She was easily the prettiest and most striking-looking woman in the room


Sumana: Really makes you think, huh?
Leonard: Yes, but not about anything in particular.

[Comments] (2) Penguin Pictures: If I know one thing about you, random reader of my weblog, it's that you like cool things. It is my blessing... and my curse! For I must labor night and day (but mostly day) to find cool things for you. One such cool thing is the Flickr photo set of Antarctic M, who labors night and day (but mostly day, but for different reasons than I labor mostly day) to take incredible pictures of penguins and other austral phenomena. Through the power of WEB 2.0 she can actually put these pictures online, something never thought possible before the development of SOAP.


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