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[Comments] (2) Penguin Pictures: If I know one thing about you, random reader of my weblog, it's that you like cool things. It is my blessing... and my curse! For I must labor night and day (but mostly day) to find cool things for you. One such cool thing is the Flickr photo set of Antarctic M, who labors night and day (but mostly day, but for different reasons than I labor mostly day) to take incredible pictures of penguins and other austral phenomena. Through the power of WEB 2.0 she can actually put these pictures online, something never thought possible before the development of SOAP.

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Posted by Riana at Fri Oct 21 2005 01:28

If she uses the Penguin Signal instead of the Bat Signal, is that an austral projection?

Posted by Kristen at Fri Oct 21 2005 13:09

Precious Penguins

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