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[Comments] (1) More Mega Penguins: You know how Cory Doctorow subscribes to certain Flikr tags' RSS feeds and uses that to post pictures to BoogaBooga? I subscribe to the 'penguins' tag feed. Penguins!

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Posted by Nick Moffitt at Mon Oct 24 2005 21:50

Yeah, I have laziness subscribed to the "underground" and "subway" feeds. Mostly it's what I signed up for, and overlap is fairly rare.

The only minor problem is that occasionally I get photos of brand-name submarine sandwiches and after-hours dance clubs.

But I did find some astonishing shots of some tunnels under the Maginot line, at a place called "Bois de Klang". I still say that sounds like a robot spa somewhere in Alsace.

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