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: I'm ahead of my self-imposed arbitrary schedule for the book but I don't want to use any of the slack time because then I won't have it. I guess that kind of makes sense because there might be an emergency in the future.

Anyway, today when I wasn't writing I spent a lot of time playing Angband spinoff #300, Troubles of Middle-Earth. As the name indicates it's sort of a Tolkien-themed Angband variant. Yes, Angband itself is supposed to be Tolkien-themed but it's just not enough for some people. This game lets you gallivant all around Middle-Earth and jumbles the three ages all together for your delectability.

There's also a bunch of weird stuff like Deathmolds. I don't think any of those supplemental volumes of Tolkien's obscure myths mention Deathmolds, or any kind of sentient molds for that matter. I think I'd have heard about that. This obsessive eclectiveness (really the defining feature of the roguelike genre) yields some weird features though. As usual with Angband clones, I was having a great time until my carefully constructed character was cloberred by something significantly more powerful than myself.


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