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: The Spam Stock Tracker takes a more long-term view of the same dataset used by the Stock Spam Effectiveness Monitor. It buys 1000 hypothetical shares of each new stock mentioned in spam, and tracks the performance indefinitely. Excellent. I also like the old-school way the author always refers to spam as "SPAM". Wait and See? SPAM Can't Wait. Found via O'Reilly Radar.

: This is an idea, not a serious suggestion. Consider a political system in which getting re-elected to an office requires a bigger percentage of the vote than being elected to that office for the first time. The nth time you stand for election you have to get over 50+k(n-1) percent of the vote, or you trigger some kind of instant runoff. This achieves some of the anti-corruption advantages of term limits while mitigating the anti-experience bias created by term limits.


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