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[Comments] (1) Dr. Livingston, I Presume: We checked out the Tivo for the first time in over a week and watched the new House with Ron Livingston. That guy is so typecast. He can't not be his Office Space character.

Today it finally happened: I wrote a recipe that Lucas had already written. It's not horrible because the plan is that we go in and revise each other's recipes anyway. But now I have to figure out how to merge the two recipes.

Nothing else of interest is happening to me, except for the run-in with the pirate bird-people. Lots of stuff is happening to Sumana, though.


Posted by Sumana at Thu Nov 03 2005 09:08

No man is an island, my friend. We are even less island-like relative to each other than the average set of two arbitrarily chosen people. There are peninsulas and isthmuses involved.

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