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[Comments] (2) And for a Buck and a Quarter: In "Minnie the Moocher", did Minnie actually have a heart as big as a whale, or was her heart only as big as the heart of a whale? I know it's a metaphor; the question is, which metaphor?

More interesting stuff coming tomorrow or Friday, hopefully.


Posted by anonymous at Thu Nov 17 2005 00:45

It's "as big as a whale" not "as big as a whale's".

Had a million dollars worth of nickels and dimes
She sat around and counted them a million times

How many coins did she count?

Posted by anonymous at Mon Nov 21 2005 11:47

For the sake of posterity, I'll answer what was obviously too difficult a riddle. Or too easy.

How many coins did she count?

None. The song clearly puts this in the context of her dream about the king of Sweden.

I also would have accepted "at least four" for partial credit. Since "dimes" and "nickels" are both plural there must be at least two of each, but she might have been a coin collector with some very valuable nickels and dimes. The upper bound on the number of coins would perhaps be based on the scrap metal value of confederate nickels and dimes, if there are such things. Or the scrap wood chip value of wooden nickels, etc.

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