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[Comments] (2) PRESENTS: This is so awesome (sent to me by Ryan North himself): Chris Noessel's NewsRex takes stories off the news wire and formats them as episodes of Dinosaur Comics. Just one more step towards my proof that any form of communication can be represented as episodes of Dinosaur Comics.


Posted by Kristofer Straub at Tue Nov 22 2005 20:46

That's awesome! But it says something upsetting about Dinosaur Comics to me. Imagine that there is a certain kind of tree that, when its wood is cut into little sticks and thrown into the air, it always lands as a new and hilarious Checkerboard Nightmare. I would probably become a doctor or lawyer at that point.

Posted by Aaron Swartz at Sun Dec 04 2005 01:58

Re proof: I believe this is known as the Dinosaur Comics Corollary, a key result of Shannon's Information Theory.

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