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[Comments] (3) Christmas List: By Susanna demand, for the people who give me Christmas presents. You'll notice there are actually durable goods on it this year (because I don't have much income at the moment), but I would still be fine with you giving money to charity in my name.

I am doing pretty well this year w/r/t acquiring and making awesome presents for people with not much money.


Posted by Steve Dunham at Wed Nov 23 2005 11:25

importfood.com sells some decent mortar and pestles. If you have the time and patience, it's very satisfying to grind up spices by hand. But you can also use a spare coffee grinder or a food processor for most tasks.

I've used the 8" granite one (along with a mini-prep) for making vindaloo, thai curry paste, and oaxacan black mole, so it is rather versatile. I've also used it for making chicken scallopine (that is, pounding meat with the base of the mortar), but there are better tools for that.

For smaller batches, I suspect that Jamie Oliver's Flavour Shaker would be easier to use. But they won't ship it outside the UK.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Nov 23 2005 11:36

I've been using a coffee grinder (which I got last Christmas, actually) but it's a little hard to clean. I think it might still be less total bother than a mortar and pestle.

Posted by Susie at Wed Nov 23 2005 14:52

Perhaps a mortar board?

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