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[Comments] (2) Peanut Brittle and Christmas List Addendum: Happy Thanksgiving!

Usually every year my grandmother makes peanut brittle for Christmas. This year she is passing on that because she's not been well, so when my mother came up for Thanksgiving she foisted a big bag of raw peanuts on me. I don't know if I'm supposed to make peanut brittle for everyone or if I'm the kind of person who people want to give raw peanuts to (Sumana's mother also foisted raw peanuts upon me when she came to visit). The bag weights about 2.5 pounds, which seems to make between 3 and 6 pounds of brittle. That seems like less than what my grandmother usually makes. I think she might use two or three of these bags. Anyway, I'll try a little batch and see how it goes.

Here are a couple more things I thought of to put on my Christmas wish list:

More as I think of them.


Posted by Frances at Fri Nov 25 2005 13:29

Actually, she uses raw peanuts by the box. Twenty pounds a shot, I think. Last year Brian picked her up and took her to his house to make candy. I hope he does that this year. Brian has all Larry's candy equipment.

Posted by Susie at Sat Nov 26 2005 11:52

I made peanut brittle one time. It wasn't too hard (again, I need to add candy thermometer to my list), but I didn't use raw peanuts, which is a must. Yeah, I think Grandma uses much more than a little bag. Poor Grandma.

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