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Finnegans Wharf: Man, I am never going to Fisherman's Wharf again if I can avoid it. We went there yesterday and it was overpopulated. However during that trip I got to hang out with my uncle Robert, which was nice. Sumana comes in and looks at the text box I'm writing and says that I shouldn't say I don't want to go there anymore, having only been during big tourist days. But during those visits I've now seen everything I want to see, so why go again? I don't eat seafood so that's not a reason.

We went to the Múséé Mécháníqúé. I have been thinking about the penny arcade (now quarter arcade) entertainments on display there, trying to take them in the context of their time, and it's not working very well. My closest frame of reference would be old video games (in fact, they had some old video games there). But most old video games are still fun, and they're fun multiple times. Whereas all but the most complex mechanical entertainments at the Múséé are only fun once, if that. Some of them were really boring and repetitive, not even interesting on a mechanical level; I say this as a person who likes watching model trains.

But unlike video games, penny arcade machines were probably something you'd only see once a year, at the fair or on a vacation. In that context it makes sense to pay a cent to see something once, even if it turned out to be a cheap thrill you wouldn't want to repeat.

I think the best pieces at the Múséé were the music boxes. There were three "execution" diorama machines and my mother watched all three of them. I guess the entertainment-crazed populace needed to be weaned off of live public executions somehow.

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