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[Comments] (5) : My grandmother, Rosalie Richardson, died early this morning. My mother has more. She'd just gotten out of the hospital healthy, so we all thought she'd be with us a lot longer. The funeral is on Thursday and it's going to be difficult. She was the grandparent to which I was closest.


Posted by Riana at Mon Nov 28 2005 03:59

My condolences to you and your family, Leonard. Losing my own closest grandparent, my grandfather, two years ago was hard; but at the service, I felt very close to him, and in the end it was a positive, life-affirming experience. I hope you find the same comfort.

Posted by Daniel Rall at Mon Nov 28 2005 17:50

I'm sorry, Leonard.

Posted by Sarah Peters at Mon Nov 28 2005 18:44

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Posted by pedro at Mon Nov 28 2005 19:16

All the best to your family, Leonard.

Posted by Seth Schoen at Tue Nov 29 2005 01:14

I'm sorry to hear that, Leonard.

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